Our main business at RealKleen is associated with the supply, sale & servicing of high pressure washer equipment & the supply of industrial cleaning equipment & related chemicals for efficient cleaning of lorries and other surfaces. We stock a full range of traffic film removers of various strengths for use with pressure washers, along with a wide variety of industrial chemicals & sanitizers for removing grease, tar & glue from various surfaces. They are available in a range of sizes - from small spray bottles, 5 litre & 25 litre containers, up to 1000 litre tanks that we can fill as required.



We can also supply screen wash, de-icers & scrapers for winter weather, along with sponges, chamois leathers  and glass & tyre polishes for the efficient cleaning and valeting of all vehicles.


We supply products suitable for use within both an engineering environment and cleaning chemicals suitable for use for within the food industry - cleaning vehicles and factory areas. If you need specialised products, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Sample of Products Available:



RK5:     A heavy duty, highly concentrated high pressure detergent for all vehicle types. An outstanding traffic film remover that is also an extremely effective cleaner for concrete and brickwork.

RKSE:  A low cost traffic film remover, very efficient.

QAR:  A safer vehicle shampoo for hand use.  Gives high quality results without rinsing, leaving a streak-free sheen.

TFTXL:  High Pressure Detergent with wax effect. A heavy duty high pressure detergent for use on all types of vehicles, giving an outstanding sheen on all finishes.



RKZSD: Food grade sanitizer and cleaning detergent with powerful bactericidal properties. Neutral, safe, washing and sterilising detergent for use in food factories, abattoirs and fish shops. Suitable for a wide range of cleaning and sanitising surfaces. PH Neutral.

RKQQC: Powerful, non-caustic, anti-static, degreasing cleaner. Alkaline safe to all metals. Low odour.

HCC-2: Specialist product for carpet cleaning machines.

MIA: Descaler to reduce metal corrosion during de-scaling operations.

PS2:  Low foam detergent designed for use in scrubber/dryer machines on all hard floor surfaces for heavy duty cleaning.

SSS:  Multi Purpose Cleaner for removal of oil, grease and dirt built up from plastics, floors, walls and other Hard Surfaces.



RKMDS:  A specialised solvent for use with high pressure hot water cleaning machines for de-waxing or degreasing motor vehicles and machinery.  The solvent has maximum effect on wax and grease but a minimum effect on rubbers and sealing components.

QAC:  Powerful acid based concentrated cleaner & descaler. Removes rust stains & deposits, cement residues, mortar residues, urinal scale and slime stains.

L529:  Grease Release Plus. A self emulsifying solvent type degreasing and dewaxing agent formulated to deal with oil, grease, wax and other residues in the motor and engineering industries.

AWSW:  Windscreen wash containing antifreeze and a degreasing solvent.

ASSR:  Spray Release- Used to de-water engines & machinery after cleaning.  Powerful penetrating action for rusted bolts & assemblies.

KURG: Extreme duty hand cleanser for removal of heavy oil, grease, paint and adhesives.



ASSU:  Pleasantly perfumed silicone spray, which can be used to restore, clean and condition all types of hard surfaces.  Particularly suitable for vehicle dashboards, bumpers and plastic trim.

AGR:  Glue Remover.  Rapid removal of stubborn tar and glue from coachwork.

GBC:  Advanced solvent for rapid spray on/ wipe off cleaning of all glass surfaces, windows, mirrors and windscreens. Silicone free.

TYC: Rubber Cleaner & Dressing, specially formulated to improve the appearance of tyres and rubber components.