Numatic Vacs


TTQ 1535S


Compact scrubber dryer

15 litre clean water capacity

15 litre dirty water capacity

350 mm cleaning width

Cleans and dries the floor


TTQ 1535S

TTQ 3450S


Scrubber dryer

30 litre clean water capacity

30 litre dirty water capacity

450 mm cleaning width

Leaves floor clean and dry


TT 3450S

NVDQ 570-2


2400W motor power

Dual 2 stage filtration

23 litre dry capacity

Solid structofoam design

Complete with full accessory kit BB2


NVDQ 570-2

NTD 2003-2

Giant 80 litre capacity

Cyclonic entry

Giant shakeable filter system

Heavy duty transit chassis

Standard kit is 38mm but can take 51mm and 76mm accessories

Comes complete with kit BB5




CTD 570-2

Carpet extraction cleaner

2400W motor power

23L dry capacity

15L wet capacity

10L clean water extraction tank

Comes complete with full extraction kit A41A



NCTD 570-2


Brush Motor: 1500W

Vac Motor: 1000W

Power: 230V

Working Width: 45cm

Capacity: 40L

Cable: 20m

Sound: 77dB



NCTD 570-2


Brush Motor: 400W

Vac Motor: 400W

Power: 24V @ 100 Ahr

Run Time: 2.25 hrs

Recharge Time: 7

Working Width: 55cm

Capacity: 40L

Sound: 69/67 dB



NCTD 570-2