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Automotive Alloy Wheel Cleaner 5 Litres

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Removes brake dust.
Brightens alloy wheels.
Water washable formulation

A specialised product for cleaning brake dust and soiling from alloy wheels.

An aqueous blend of acids and emulsifiers, Alloy Wheel Cleaner is a completely water-soluble product.

Used extensively throughout the automotive and transport industry. ALLOY WHEEL CLEANER can be used to remove rust stains from all acid-resistant surfaces.

Brush onto the area to be treated. Allow no longer than 10 minutes contact time. Rinse away thoroughly with clean hot water, ideally through a pressure washer.

Rust Stains: Brush away any loose deposits. Apply ALLOY WHEEL CLEANER to the surface and leave approximately 10 minutes, or until rust has dissolved. Rinse away thoroughly with water.

Handy tip - use a small bristle brush to loosen deposits in areas that are difficult to reach. Do not feed ALLOY WHEEL CLEANER N.B. itself through a pressure washer.

Do not dilute.

5 Litres

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