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Automotive Bodyshop Safe Tyre & Rubber Dressing

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Durable - leaves a lasting finish.
High gloss - self-levelling system.
Silicone-free - Bodyshop safe.
A tyre and rubber dressing that brings tyres and textured bumpers back to a new look finish with a high gloss.

Realkleens Bodyshop-safe tyre & rubber dressing is a white, viscous liquid which is virtually odourless. The product is solvent-free, silicone-free and neutral. The self-levelling formulation which evens out areas of uneven application as it dries. Concentrated formulation designed for maximum economy in use.

Clean the surface to be treated before application. Use undiluted. Apply a thin film onto the surface using a clean brush or sponge, ensuring that you cover all the area to be treated. This will initially leave a milky finish on the surface, will then dry clear, leaving a high gloss finish.
N.B. Thinner coats will dry quicker.

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