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Carpet Cleaning 'Concentrate' 5 Litre

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£14.99 (£17.99 inc VAT)
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Carpet Bright Plus by Realkeen
Concentrated detergent for carpet extraction machines. A concentrated product for professional use in soil extraction carpet cleaning machines. The cleaner will release soil, brighten colours and help to restore the natural resilience of the pile.

  • Low Foam
  • Machine compatible
  • Optical brightener
  • Enhances colours
  • Fresh fragrance
  • Pleasant to use

Use in accordance with the machines manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid overwetting. A test on a small hidden area should always be made to confirm compatibility and colour fastness before starting the main cleaning process. A separate antifoam agent is available if required by the particular machine being used. Please refer to the product safety data sheet before use. Cautionary Notes: Always check surface compatibility prior to use.

Lightly soiled 1:80
Heavily soiled 1:20

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