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Ehrle Wall Mounted Pressure Washer

Ehrle Wall Mounted Pressure Washer

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Voltage: 1/N/PE/AC/50Hz/240V
Operating Pressure: 30-120bar/3-12MPa
Max. Pressure: 140bar/14 MPa
Discharge capacity: 300-720l/h
Nozzle size: 050
max. Inlet temperature: 80°C
Pump speed: 1400r.p.m
Connected load: 2,6kW / 12,8A
Electrical protection: 13A slow-blowing

10m HP-Hose DN08 - 315bar, Trigger-Gun with swivel, Spray-Lance 900mm c/w Nozzle-Protection, Stainless-Steel Jet-Nozzle 25°, 4l Water-Storage tank, Water-Supply separation acc. water reg.
, Chemical supply in high-pressure Jet c/w. and Metering-valve