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RealKleen: Commercial Pressure Washers and Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Established in 1980 Realkleen has been supplying and servicing pressure washers across the UK for over 40 years.

Established 1980

RealKleen has been operating for over 40 years, we know our stuff!

Servicing & Repairs

We can also service and repair older cleaning equipment.

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.


Visited here today with a broken pressure washer. Spoke to Rob
And he was really brilliant, he managed to fix broken switch whilst I was there. Would really recommend this Company for repairs but also sales for pressure washers…

Maria Thomas

I work for Redclean an External cleaning company in Milton Keynes and I cannot count the amount of times that Reelkleen have saved us by fixing machines that have let us down. Rob is a pleasure to deal with and all the technicians are very very helpful. If you have faulty pressure washing equipment I highly recommend that Reelkleen is where you go to sort it! Problem solvers and a quick turn around! Can only give 5 stars on here so here’s a few more!⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

Operations Manager

Having phoned Rob at Realkleen today as regard a service to my Karcher jet wash, I can only say Thank God there are still people around who want to serve the way it use to be. None of this Hi mate don't know Rob and his team could not be more helpful, it was a pleasure to know them .

Jon Pinchin
Regency Relocation

What can I say these guys really go above and beyond 5 star service highly recommended and these boys really do know there stuff when it comes to pressure washers thanks again from us at Freshlook Driveways.

Stuart Tear

Wow! Talk about service! I called them when my Karcher stopped mid-patio, and their expert called back within minutes. After I had described the problem, he was soon talking me through a checklist, even holding on whilst I used two hands or went to fetch tools. Long story short, he nailed it right there and then, over the phone, and I was back up and running. No charge for all this expertise and knowledge, and I have never used them before or bought anything from them. Who do you think I am going to go to next time? Unbelievable in this day and age. Top stuff, RealKleen!

Barry Baker

These guys are amazing! My pressure washer died in the middle of a roof clean. I called and spoke with Rob who sorted me out with an amazing machine and I picked it up an hour later. Incredible service, I highly recommend them!

Robert Carter

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40 Years of Commercial Cleaning

40 Years of Commercial Cleaning

RealKleen is the UK's leading suppliers in the South East for Pressure Washers and Cleaning Chemicals. We supply to Food, Transport, Valeting, Rail, Farm and other Industries. We have partnered with the best German and UK Pressure Washer Manufacturers and we manufacture and supply the best commercial cleaning detergent's on the market.


Commercial Pressure Washers and Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable commercial pressure washer supplier, to help you deliver real cleaning power every time, whether it’s for home or commercial cleaning projects?

RealKleen is an industry leader in the sales, service and repair of all types of high-performance commercial-grade pressure washers, including the world's most reliable and trusted German pressure washer brands - Kranzle and Ehrle.

RealKleen Service Radius

  • 25 Mile Radius - £72.00
  • 50 Mile Radius - £108.00
  • 75 Mile Radius - £180.00

Labour rate £72.00 per hour (charged every 15 minutes).
All prices plus VAT

Realkleen Service Map

Pressure Washer Accessories

Every pressure washer cleaning job is different, and here at RealKleen our aim is to make it as simple and efficient as possible, by offering a range of high-quality pressure washer accessories designed to suit, including:

Pressure Washer Accessories

Every pressure washer cleaning job is different, and here at RealKleen our aim is to make it as simple and efficient as possible, by offering a range of high-quality pressure washer accessories designed to suit, including:

Ehrle Accessories / Parts – Get the exact spray angle or pressure you’re looking for with our selection of genuine parts, Ehrle pressure washer spares, each item is usually available to pick up in-store 24 hours after your order has been placed.

Water Pumps – Need a hardworking water pump for clean or black water? Then our wide range of top brand, petrol or diesel water pumps are the solution. Order online, and your new water pump will usually be ready to pick up in 24 hours.

Lances, Hoses, and Jets – At RealKleen we have a huge selection of high-quality, competitively priced pressure washer hoses (of various lengths) lances, and jets, designed to give you the performance you need every time.


To help you get the deep clean you’re looking for, it’s essential you have the right detergent for the job. That’s why we offer a range of effective detergents suitable for the majority of deep cleaning projects, including:

RealKleen’s Sodium Hypochlorite - Created to remove moss, weeds and algae, RealKleen’s Sodium Hypochlorite is an ideal and effective detergent for a quick and easy (one treatment) instant clean, for patios or similar spaces.

Cleaning and Janitorial Detergents - Citrus degreaser, professional black spot remover, glass and plastic cleaner, tar and glue remover, traffic film remover and more: RealKleen has all the commercial cleaning detergents you need, in large capacities.

Industrial Detergents - Working in an industrial environment where oil, grease and other chemicals need to be cleaned up fast? At RealKleen we have the perfect solution with a wide range of hardworking industrial detergents.


With more than 40 years’ experience in the pressure washer, and pressure washer sales and servicing industry, here at RealKleen, not only do we have a huge range of commercial cleaning equipment and detergents, but we also have the knowledge, skill and insight to assist and advise you whilst you are purchasing.

Top Quality Brands

Our partnerships with some of the pressure washer industry’s most highly regarded brands, such as Ehrle and Kranzle, means any machine from RealKleen will always deliver the exceptional quality and performance you need.

Exceptional Customer Service

Whichever service you choose from RealKleen, from buying a new pressure washer to buying spare parts and accessories, or getting your old pressure washer serviced or repaired, we guarantee you’ll always receive exceptional customer service.

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