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Traffic Film Remover


What is Traffic Film Remover (TFR)?

Traffic film remover, also known as a TFR, is a cleaning product that’s designed to remove road grime without damaging the paintwork or mechanical parts of your vehicle. It saves time, protects surfaces, and can be used on various parts of the vehicle. As you’re driving, your vehicle is liable to pick up a thin layer of grit, dirt and oil which can be quite difficult to scrub off. Professionals use Traffic Film Remover for its effectiveness in achieving high-quality results, and it can prepare surfaces for further treatments like waxing or polishing.

Why should you use a Traffic Film Remover?

Using a Traffic Film Remover is important for a number of reasons:

  1. Appearance - Traffic film can make a vehicle look dirty and unpresentable. By using Traffic Film Remover, you are removing this residue and improving the overall appearance of the vehicle. 
  2. Preventing damage - As Traffic film often contains elements of road salt, chemicals, and other contaminants, it is useful to use the Traffic Film Remover to avoid damage to paintwork and parts over time. By cleaning the vehicle of this residue, you could extend its lifespan significantly.
  3. Improving visibility- Traffic film on windscreens and windows is often grimy and unaffected by screen wash or wipers, and can significantly impact the visibility from the vehicle. Additionally, this visibility is only made worse with adverse weather like rain, snow or fog. By using Traffic Film Remover, you will increase your visibility, reducing this hazard when driving. 

How to use a Traffic Film Remover?

Traffic Film Remover can be used with a high pressure machine, or mixed. We recommend consulting the specific details for your chosen Traffic Film Remover ahead of use.  Some will require caution with alkali sensitive materials (such as aluminium) due to the caustic nature of that product, and others can have a recommended dilution strength for use. Should you have any further questions about using our Traffic Film Remover, do get in touch with one of our fantastic team here

RealKleen Traffic Film Remover

Our Traffic Film Remover will easily break down this grime and remove it, often without any effort on your part. In particular, our "Super Strength" range of Traffic Film Remover range is for professional use only. We offer our Traffic Film Remover in quantities from 25 litres to 1000 litres depending on your needs! 

Martin our Head Engineer says... "If it's cheaper it's weaker".

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