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Kranzle Pressure Washers

We're a specialist supplier of Kranzle pressure washers and accessories. Buy Kranzle power washers online or give us a call.
Kranzle pressure washers are built for durability and long service life rather than to be the cheapest on the market.

Kranzle pressure washers are not just powerful cleaning tools; they're versatile solutions for a wide range of applications. For professionals that regularly use a pressure washer, a Kranzle can be depended on for years of trouble-free usage.

Kranzle pressure washers are designed for quality and durability rather than to be the cheapest models on the market.

Kranzle's attention to quality extends to support too, which is why their products are available exclusively from specialist dealers such as RealKleen in order to provide professional and experienced service and support alongside their products.

Kranzle has been established for over 45 years and is constantly investing in research and development to continually create product innovations in the cleaning industry.

Kranzle Cold Water Pressure Washers

Kranzle offers a large range of high-pressure, heavy-duty professional-grade cold water pressure washers.

With components made from corrosion-proof stainless steel and specially selected brass, Kranzle products are designed to outlast cheaper brands for years.

To ensure years of durability Kranzle only use pumps made from forged brass made in Germany.

Kranzle Hot Water Pressure Washers

Kranzle-therm pressure washers offer high-temperature controllable hot water whilst being environmentally friendly, clean and quiet.

Unlike lower-quality brands of pressure washers, Kranzle does not cut corners when it comes to using quality parts.

The Kranzle Therm range of pressure washers are made from long-lasting, reliable components and feature a large number of technical innovations to help you maximise performance and save water and energy.

As an example: most pressure washer combustion chambers are made from a thin tin-like material whereas Kranzle uses a 1/4" inch thick galvanised plate steel.

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