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Full Electric Emission Free Pressure Washers


Full Electric Emission Free pressure washer

Go Green & Save Money

With the UK government reforming the fuel entitlement for red diesel on 1st April 2022 there has never been a better time to convert over to an electric commercial pressure washer.

Some of the benefits of electric pressure washers are:

Go Fuel Free

An obvious advantage is that you won't have to keep having to purchase and refuel an electric pressure washer. On top of this inconvenience; a fuel-based pressure washer needs to cool down before new fuel can be poured in. An electric pressure washer is far simpler: plug it in and get straight to work.

There are both hot and cold electric pressure washers available and our Ehrle range are robust, corrosion-resistant and extremely powerful.

Reduce Maintenance

Engines require regular maintenance to keep them in proper working order. Electric pressure washers have fewer moving parts and so require less care and less replacement of broken parts.

We have some of the best electric pressure washers on the market - the technology has come a long way and a powered commercial pressure washer can compete with the cleaning power of a fuel alternative.

Lighten the Load

Electric pressure washers are much lighter than their fuel-powered alternatives, which have bulky fuel tanks and a heavy engine, this makes an electric power washer much easier to manoeuver.

Some of our electric pressure washers are designed for rough terrain - with large rubber wheels and an impact-resistant design.

Get Quiet

Fuel based pressure washers can emit up to 100 decibels of noise, which is disruptive to anyone nearby and often requires the user to wear earmuffs to safely use the equipment. Electric pressure washers emit less noise, usually below that of a domestic vacuum cleaner, and so will be much more tolerable to anyone nearby.

Go Green

One of the major advantages of an electric jet washer is that no combustion of fuel takes place which in turn means no fumes and no damage to the environment. No fuel also means there is no local pollution or accidental spills when refuelling. An electric pressure washer doesn't produce exhaust fumes so it can be safely used indoors or in an enclosed area.

Save Money

Directly compared - an electric pressure washer is cheaper and more efficient to operate than a fuel alternative. The units themselves are cheaper, powering them costs less and you'll spend less money on spare parts.

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