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Commercial Pressure Washer Buyers Guide 2024

When choosing a good commercial pressure washer in 2024, it’s vital you make the right choice of pressure washer for the job you intend to be doing. And to make the right choice, you need to consider these three key questions:

  1. What will you be using the pressure washer for?
  2. Will you need a portable pressure washer?
  3. Which accessories will you require?

In this short article, we’ll help you answer all three of the questions, as well as giving you a few ideas of the different commercial pressure washers and accessories available from your chosen commercial pressure washer provider.

1. What will you be using your commercial pressure washer for?

It may seem obvious, but it’s really important to think about the job you need the pressure washer to do, before laying any money down, as certain commercial pressure washers are better for certain jobs.

This can be due to various elements of the pressure washer, such as operating pressure levels, the types of trigger-guns, spray lances, nozzles or hoses the model has, and how it’ll cope with the dirt you need to remove, and the surface type.

As an example – if you’re looking to get rid of chewing gum from pavements, or remove stubborn graffiti from a wall, two perfect pressure washer choices would be –

Kranzle Therm 1017

Kranzle Therm 1017 With Hose Reel

This portable hot water pressure washer is one of the most durable and powerful on the market. With 150 BAR Pressure, a heavy-duty Starlet Trigger Gun, and its 30L fuel capacity, it’s ideal for most commercial applications.

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Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus

Karcher HD 6/13 C PLUS 240V

This ‘highly portable’ stand-up or lay-flat commercial pressure washer from Karcher delivers high pressure fast, and also benefits from quick release locks to help commercial workers save time and conserve energy use.

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2. Will you need a portable commercial pressure washer?

As any commercial pressure washer user will know, on most jobs, portability is key to ensuring the job gets done on time, and that the job is made as easy as possible, without the risk of pulling a muscle or ‘doing your back in’.

That’s why, when choosing the right commercial pressure washer for your chosen application, make sure to choose one that’s not only portable i.e. lightweight and wheeled, but is also the right size for the area you need to work in.

Below are a couple of examples of commercial pressure washers that provide impressive portability for a range of commercial applications –

Ehrle KD523

EHRLE KD523 10Lpm/140bar, Cold Water Pressure Washer

Compact and highly versatile, this cold water, high-pressure cleaner with large rubber wheels and an impact resistant device cover, is ideal for commercial applications, particularly floors and walls, where portability is an absolute must.

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3. Which accessories will you require with your commercial pressure washer?

Jobs using commercial pressure washers can vary widely. And, depending on the type of job, whether it’s removing graffiti, cleaning an industrial kitchen, bathroom cleaning, or gutter cleaning, you’re going to need suitable accessories.

So, when choosing your commercial pressure washer in 2024, make sure it comes with the right accessories, has a choice of additional accessories, or is adaptable to be used with the accessories you require for the job.

Some of the commercial pressure washer accessories available, either using us at RealKleen, or another reputable commercial pressure washer provider, include –

Scraper – A scraper is essential for many pressure washing jobs, to loosen or free those stubborn pieces of dirt or grime. And, when choosing a scraper, choose one with a soft grip, especially if you require accurate control, and intend to get a lot of use out of it.

Additional spray nozzles – If you’re using a pressure washer for various different jobs, you’ll know that some require a wider spray, and some a more accurate spray, so always carry a few extra (compatible) nozzles, such as the selection offered by Ehrle.

Spray bottles – Along with your new commercial pressure washer, you’re going to need a spray bottle or two, whether it’s a simple water spray bottle, or a hand pressure sprayer for hydrocarbons and/or solvents, such as the 1.5 Litre IK HC Hand Pressure Sprayer.


Although this short article gives you a good idea of what to consider when buying a commercial pressure washer in 2024, you will have other considerations, such as fuel type, other pressure washer supplies, or chemical use etc.

So, when choosing a pressure washer provider, make sure to choose a reputable one that offers valuable (without the hard sell) advice, to ensure you get the most suitable pressure washer for the job, without spending more than you have to.

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