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Whirlaway Flat Surface Cleaners by BE

Whirlaway Flat Surface Cleaners by BE


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Rotary Flat Surface Cleaning Accessory

Turn your pressure washer into a specialist flat surface cleaner with the Whirlaway rotary surface cleaning tool. Whirlaway is designed to make cleaning driveways, concrete floors, patios and other flat surfaces efficient and easy - saving up to 80% on labour costs.

The Whirl-a-way makes cleaning flat surfaces easy and significantly increases productivity when cleaning floors, driveways or patios. Compatible with nearly any type of pressure washer, both hot and cold, the Whirl-a-way is perfect for cleaning large flat areas such as warehouse floors, garage floors, pavements, car parks and more.

Pressure washers are designed to focus a pressured stream of water at a targeted area but are not the ideal solution for cleaning a large area of floor or ground and can waste a lot of water. The Whirlaway is designed to efficiently clean flat surfaces - connecting to your existing pressure washer and redirecting the pressurised water into 2 or 3 rotating nozzles that are positioned directly above the ground.

The Whirlaway is also much more ergonomic and comfortable for cleaning floors than a standard pressure washer. Because the Whirl-a-way is self-supported it is much more like using a vacuum cleaner or lawnmower and most of the models are mounted on castors. Because of the ease of use, the time taken to clean a floor can be reduced by as much as 80%. It also has a durable cover that is designed to eliminate over-spray and reduce getting unwanted water on surrounding areas.

The Whirl-a-way is also convenient to transport and small enough to fit into a car boot.

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