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Commercial Pressure Washers

Below we've selected the best of our diverse range of industrial grade pressure washers.

Finding the Right Pressure Washer

When it comes to tough and powerful cleaning, such as removing graffiti, cleaning farming equipment or heavy-duty machinery, you need a commercial pressure washer that can handle the job effortlessly.

At RealKleen, we offer a wide range of professional-grade commercial pressure washers from some of the industry’s top makers and brands, designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Need a Heavy-Duty Commercial Pressure Washer?

We understand that some cleaning tasks require more power than smaller machines can provide. That’s why, at RealKleen, we offer a large selection of heavy-duty commercial pressure washers, specially designed and engineered for tough and demanding cleaning jobs.

Our extensive range includes electric commercial pressure washers, as well as petrol and diesel models. If you’re thinking of buying any of these machines, or you’re wondering which one would suit your needs best, simply get in touch to speak to one of our pressure washer experts.

Choosing the right commercial pressure washer for the job

With numerous commercial pressure washers available on the market, choosing the right one for the job can be overwhelming. So, to help make the decision that bit easier, here are some of the important things to consider, before ordering your machine.

Water Temperature Icon

Water Temperature

Before ordering your commercial pressure washer, think about whether you need a cold water machine for general cleaning, or a hot water option for tackling stubborn dirt, such as oil, grease, or paint deposits etc.

Steam Icon

Steam Capabilities

For those ‘tougher’ jobs, you might require additional cleaning power, in which case, it’s best to consider a hot water pressure washer with a steam facility, to help soften and emulsify deposits for effective removal.

Pressure Icon

Pressure and Flow Rate

Of course, pressure is important when buying a pressure washer, but it’s also important to consider the flow rate. Higher pressure is ideal for targeted cleaning, while a greater flow rate is better for cleaning larger flat areas.

Power Source Icon

Power Source

One of the main things to consider when choosing a commercial pressure washer is the power source, especially if you intend to use the machine in an area that doesn’t have electricity, or an area that won’t allow petrol fumes.

Water Icon

Water Supply

When buying your commercial pressure washer, make sure to consider the ability to connect to the water supply, or, if you’re going to need a commercial pressure washer with a built-in water tank.

Do you need pressure washer supplies?

As well as selecting and buying the right commercial pressure washer for the job, you might also need various pressure washer supplies, to ensure the cleaning process is cost-effective and completed on time.

At RealKleen, we provide a wide variety of pressure washer supplies, including spare parts, such as easy-grip scrapers, various nozzles and washer hoses, water filters, wash guns, and valves.

But, if you are new to pressure washers, or a particular commercial pressure washer model, our team of experts are here to help you to make the right decision according to your cleaning needs, and budget.

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